Gutter Cleaning

How We Clean Gutters


Gutter cleaning isn't rocket science. It sure is messy though, and many times difficult for the average homeowner because of the height and accessibility of many of their gutters. We can help! Here's how we do it:

  1. Remove debris from the gutters either by hand or using our gutter vacuum system. 
  2. Where ladders are used, stand off's are installed to ensure your gutters don't get damaged.
  3. Where our high reach gutter vacuum system is used we use a high definition camera mounted to the system to ensure that all the gutters are thoroughly cleaned.
  4. All removed debris will then be bagged and left for disposal by the homeowners trash company. 
  5. If any downspouts are clogged they will be high-pressure rinsed or disassembled to make sure they are flowing properly. 

Clogged Gutters - The Culprits


When gutters stop flowing we've found a short list of usual suspects:

  1. Debris dries and hardens over the downspout hole in the gutter. Typically debris doesn't block the downspout elbows but only the hole at the top.
  2. Balls - tennis, lacrosse, wiffle, we've seen them all! These balls are the perfect size to completely block the downspout hole. 

These two things have been the culprit in most of the gutter cleanings we have done. Very rarely do we find clogging in the downspouts themselves.

Gutter Guards - Worth the Money?

Worthless Gutter Guard with a salad growing from it.

The simple answer - maybe. 

Here's a few things to consider:

  1. Gutter guards DO NOT mean "No Maintenance" no matter what the manufacturer promises! We've seen a just about every gutter guard out there and they all have some need for maintenance at some point. And at that point, maintenance may cost you more because of the type of gutter guards that have been installed.
  2. You get what you pay for. Some companies looking to make a quick buck will offer the basic gutter guards you can buy from the big box home improvement stores. These guards are worthless! The first problem is that they are made of plastic. Plastic often breaks down over time or gets chewed into by squirrels. This in turn compromises the effectiveness of the gutter guard allowing debris to enter the gutters.
  3. Many guards are only effective against a few types of debris. For example, the above mentioned cheap guards do not prevent pine needles from clogging gutters, and NC has a lot of pine trees.
  4. Many times the initial investment in gutter guards is more than a few years worth of gutter cleaning. Most homes need a minimum of 2 gutter cleanings per year, some homes need more during the year. If, for  example, gutter guard installation costs $2000 and gutter cleaning costs $125 it will take 8 years to see a return on your investment. Many homeowners today aren't in their home for that length of time meaning they won't see any return on their investment. (Most of our gutter guard installations do not cost that much. Dollar amounts are for example purposes only.)

When ARE they worth it?


If the tree canopy around your home produces non-stop debris throughout the year, and your gutter cleaning is around $200 per cleaning, then gutter guards could be worth the money for you. We've seen, cleaned, and installed many different kinds of gutter guards and there is only one we feel we can recommend for our customers. Easyon gutter guards.

  1. Surgical grade stainless steel - strong enough to resist sun damage and squirrels won't chew it. 
  2. Micro mesh design allows a high volume of water to pass through but leaves, pine needles, and even shingle grit won't go into the gutter. 
  3. Used by the US military for its rain water collection system.
  4. 10 year warranty. Extend to 25 years by registering online.

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Installation averages about $7 per linear foot but home styles and installation options vary so request your free estimate below. 

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