How We Power Wash

House Wash

clean and dirty vinyl siding

  1. First we move all personal items away from the house. 
  2. Then we soak all the vegetation that is next to the home to prevent damage from our chemicals. 
  3. All vertical surfaces of the home are then soaked with appropriate chemicals for each surface.
  4. This is followed by a thorough low pressure rinse to ensure no damage is done to any surface. This includes siding, soffit, fascia, and gutters. However, pressure washing alone does not do the best job on gutters due to hydrostatic bonding. Additional hand polishing, which is not included, may be necessary to really make your gutters shine. (Rarely needed but we need to make you aware of it.) 
  5. All of this is then followed by a second rinse of all the vegetation near the home. 
  6. Lastly we put back all of your personal items.

Concrete Wash

clean and dirty sidewalk

  1. All areas are scrubbed with hot water and our surface cleaner which is a large round machine with multiple power washer tips that spin like a lawn mower blade removing the majority of dirt and debris.
  2. Then either a chemical is applied or we go back with a wand to remove any additional stains or blemishes. If any chemicals are used they will be diverted from the storm drains in accordance with local regulations.
  3. Then everything is rinsed at less than 2800 psi. This helps prevent damage to your concrete which is typically rated at 3000-5000 psi.

Wood - Decks, Fence, Cedar Shakes

clean and dirty fence

  1. First we move all personal items off of the deck.
  2. Then all surfaces including rails, balusters, floor, and steps soaked with a safe and environmentally friendly chemical cleaner called New Again. New Again is a non damaging chemical that gently oxygenates, or lifts, dirt and stains up out of the wood.
  3. This is followed by a low pressure (1000 PSI or less), non-damaging rinse. Once the wood moisture falls below 15% then, for an additional charge, an oil based stain can be applied preserving the look and structural integrity of your deck. Depending on weather conditions this can be as little as 3 days or it may be significantly longer. Our goal is to return to stain the deck within 3-7 days if the weather permits.
  4. If the deck is not stained or painted then we will put your personal items back up on the deck.

See Examples of Our Work

Rust Stains


The picture above is unfortunately a common site in our area. With summers high in humidity our AC condenser units work overtime to remove the moisture in the air. That moisture has to go somewhere so HVAC installers put in a pipe that drains to the outside of your house. Sadly though, it's often cut so short that the water drips down the side of your house. As the years go by and the interior parts of your condenser unit begin to rust it stains the side of your home. Not to worry though, we have a proven method for removing rust stains on vinyl, brick, glass, and even screens!

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House Wash Process