Residential Window Cleaning


Our Basic Service

  1. We remove all your screens in an orderly fashion so that they can be put back in the right order when the window cleaning is complete.
  2. We do all high ladder and hard to reach work first while we're fresh and energetic so that we are working as safely as possible.
  3. We head outside and use our pure water system and water fed pole to remove organic debris like dirt, dust, bird strikes, etc. This system provides spot free results most of the time but if something should remain, don't worry we'll catch it in our next step.
  4. We head back inside to scrub all the interior sides of the glass using our chemical of choice, Glass Gleam 3. Glass Gleam is a biodegradable, non-toxic, chemical which provides sparkling results due to it's negatively charged ions which repel dust. If there is non organic debris like paint, adhesives, and silicone we use safe and industry approved methods to remove that debris. As we clean each window we inspect for anything that might have been missed on the outside and touch up what is reachable or head outside and redo that window.
  5. Once all the glass is clean we start on the screens. All screens are scrubbed with our window solution and then toweled dry.
  6. Before we put each freshly cleaned screen in each window we brush out and damp wipe the sills (or tracks) in the bottom of the window.
  7. After a final inspection we get your approval to make sure everything meets and exceeds your expectations!

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A Note About Construction Cleanup

We do everything we can to prevent scratches on glass. We continue to educate ourselves on this issue but since we are typically the last company on a construction project we can't guarantee how the glass has been treated prior to our arrival. The following is a standard disclaimer on all window cleaning work we do:

Due to widespread problems with poor quality heat treated glass, Keep Up Appearances, LLC will not be held responsible for any scratches on any heat treated glass.  It is accepted and understood by ALL parties that properly used razor blades and scrapers are standard tools and techniques for window cleaning and can safely remove limited amounts of debris (plaster, paint, texture, tape, stickers, etc.) from quality glass, without scratching the glass surface. Please visit for further information.

Furthermore, it is accepted, that it is impossible to guarantee that there will not be any scratches on the surface of the glass after cleaning, no matter what method is used to clean them.  We take extra measures to prevent scratches, but when glass is not properly manufactured or protected, scratches will occur. These scratches are not usually discovered until after the cleaning when the light will show all the flaws in the glass at which time the scratches will stand out.  Dirt and debris on the windows prior to cleaning may make prior scratches difficult to detect.

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