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General Questions

General Questions about Keep Up Appearances

Are You Licensed, Bonded, and Insured?

Licensed - While there isn’t currently any required trade licenses for what we do, we are licensed as an LLC with the state of North Carolina.

Bonded - There are 2 types of bonding that are typically used in our industry and they are both in essence a type of insurance. One is for large projects, usually construction, that have sub contractors working for a general contractor. It protects the general contractor in the event a sub contractor can’t complete a job and they have already paid some money upfront and have to get someone else last minute. For our current commercial clients it doesn't fit the kind of work we do at this time. As for homeowners, if we didn’t complete the job, you simply wouldn’t pay us, and rightly so. 

The other type of bonding insures a business or homeowner against theft from a company’s employees. Since we currently have only one employee whose honest reputation matches our own, we do not carry that bonding either. When we do larger projects that need a larger crew, our help is based on a small network of other sole proprietors who also have a name and reputation to uphold.

Insurance - We carry a 1 million dollar liability insurance policy, not because we’ve ever needed it, but for your peace of mind. We do our very best to work in a safe manner to protect your home and business. Click the link below to see our insurance certificate.

Insurance certificate

Why is it so difficult to get you on the phone?

As a sole proprietor running a business that many times involves a loud work environment can make it difficult to have a conversation on the phone. Plus, unfortunately, our business number has been put on someone's auto dialer list and we receive a large number of calls throughout the day that aren't valid calls to take. Those two main reasons are why we typically allow calls to go to voicemail first so we can determine which calls actually need a response.

If you do need to talk to us directly the best day to call is Monday from 8-4 or most mornings about 8am. Otherwise email or text is always a good option that allows us to respond in a timely manner.

What payment options do you have?


  • Cash or check upon completion of the job is preferred. 
  • If needed, we do take most major credit cards. We can email you an invoice that has a "Pay with Credit Card" option. Payments are processed by Square which is a trusted company in credit card processing. We do not take, or store, your credit card numbers in our system. 


  • For most jobs that only take a day or two we prefer payment by check upon completion of the job.
  • We can also provide Net10, 15, or 30 options depending on the service Those invoices will allow you to pay by either an ACH transfer or company credit card to ensure payment is received on time. 
  • Depending on your needs and circumstances we can modify options for you.

Deposits are not required on the majority of work we do. However, some services may require materials that can not be returned or incur expense to return them. We may ask for materials cost before beginning those services.

Why is a regular maintenance schedule important?

The shortest answer is it provides higher quality with consistent results at the best price improving the look and safety of your home or business. This in turn promotes personal and employee well being which increases productivity and attracts more customers and friends.

Are your chemicals harmful to plants, animals, or people?

For the majority of our work - no! We continue to look at new chemicals and processes which allow us to provide quality work with minimal environmental and human impact. Here are some current details:

  • Window Cleaning - Glass Gleam 3 - Contains no phosphates or ammonia, pleasant and lite citrus smell, biodegradable. Also, much of our exterior work is done using pure water so there is no chemical involved.
  • House and Building Washes - Combination of chemicals that are biodegradble, safe to use on aluminum, stainless steel, glass, paint, stucco, and brick. No more toxic than doing a load of laundry.
  • Concrete Cleaning - Most of our basic concrete cleaning is done using only heat! 
  • Restoration and Stains - There are times that something stronger is required to remove deeper stains or to restore a surface. In those instances, we will first discuss what chemicals are needed and what protection is warranted. Even with that though, we strive to use the most effective, yet safest chemicals, with many becoming completely harmless once they are diluted with water.

What’s the difference between pressure washing and power washing?

Usually these terms are used interchangeably by professionals and customers. However, we prefer the term power washing because most of the time it’s not good to use high pressure to clean something because it will result in a damaged surface. Our daily use machine is only 2800 psi and we use variable  pressure wands  with oversized tips to further reduce the pressure as we work. "Power" washing is more applicable because we use heat, quality chemicals, and  a higher volume of water to get the job done faster and more efficiently.

Commercial Questions

Typical Commercial Building

What type of commercial work can your company do?

  • Power Washing, Window Cleaning, and High Reach Cleaning - Single service, routine maintenance, and post-construction services.
  • Most of our services are on commercial buildings that are 3 stories or less. We also have the needed aerial lift certification to do work on both interior and exterior surfaces that require a lift.
  • One Time, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis. We do not currently offer storefront cleaning on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

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We have a big building, can a small company like yourself really handle it all?

Definitely! You might be surprised how much we can get done in a short amount of time. Most of the time there is only 1 or 2 of us, which may take us a little longer on some projects, but since we don't have a large crew, the intrusion and disruption to your staff is minimal and many times not even noticed. However, when needed, we do work with a small group of other sole-proprietors that can come together and get larger jobs done quickly and efficiently.

What's the value in using a small company like you?

The biggest value our customers appreciate is trust. Employees just don't have the same investment in the company as the owners do which can determine their actions and ethics. We realize many companies encourage and create quality employees but that isn't always the case. With our company you have direct access to the owner who is typically doing a good portion of the labor as well.

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Residential Questions

clean and maintained houses in a row

What do I need to do to prepare for you visit?

  • Window Cleaning - Please move any items that would block access to the windows or that are fragile and delicate. Most often things like interior shutters, blinds, and drapery do not need to be taken down to clean the windows.
  • House Washes - Please make sure windows are shut and locked which keeps them tightly sealed. If you have any knick knacks or decorative items on, or right near the house, please make sure to remove these items. Lastly, make sure if you have a car in the driveway to move it either into the garage or well away from the house. Our chemicals certainly won't hurt it but we aren't in the car wash business.
  • Concrete Cleaning - Cars, trailers, and personal items should be removed from the areas to be cleaned.

With all of these services we can move some things as needed but we prefer that homeowners handle the more fragile and delicate things.

Do have any coupons or discounts?

Yes we do. Here's some of them:

  • For the best single service discounts follow us on Facebook to receive alerts about "Flash" sales. Flash sales are when we have shorter jobs in an area and need to fill a day or when we have a last minute opening and need to fill it quickly.
  • Throughout the year we send seasonal email reminders and they have discounts based on the services that need attention that time of year.
  • Neighborhood Discounts - Certain neighborhoods within our core service area (Parts of Matthews, Stallings, Indian Trail, and Hemby Bridge) have continuous discounts, ask what they are when you fill out the form for your free estimate.

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Insurance Certificate

 A general copy of our insurance certificate. If you need one with your company name on it please email us and we will get you a copy. 

Certificate of Liability (pdf)


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